On January 20th, 1989, five days after the murder of Ms. Betty Jeanne Solomon, Carolyn Warmus came to the midtown Manhattan office of the nationally renowned polygraphist, Mr. Richard 
Arther.  She agreed to the police's request to take a polygraph (lie detector) examination, and during this test was asked questions about any possible involvement in or knowledge of the 
murder. The test revealed that Carolyn did not kill Betty Jeanne Solomon and that Carolyn had no information about the crime. These test results were confirmed by the New York State Police 
and the local police. Read the actual test results and report filed by Mr. Arther, here.

Scientific Lie Detection, Inc.
Suite 1400
200 West 57th Street
New York, N.Y. 10019
January 21, 1989
SLD Case No. Y-6424
Privileged & Confidential
     On January 20th, 1989, [Carolyn Warmus] voluntarily came to this polygraph suite for an Arther VI Polygraph Examination.
     The main issue under consideration was whether or not Miss Warmus was telling the truth when she claimed that she had no guilty knowledge of nor had she participated in the murder of Mrs. Betty Jeanne Solomon on Sunday, January 15, 1989, in her apartment at 340 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale, New York. Miss Warmus claims the first she knew of this crime was when the police came to her apartment Monday morning at approximately 4:00 a.m...
Before her pre-test interview Miss Warmus voluntarily signed two copies of a permission form stating that she was taking the examination of her own free will. One copy of this executed form is enclosed with this report; the other has been incorporated into our case file.
 In The Arther VI Polygraph recordings there were indications of truthfulness when Miss Warmus answered "No" to three of her four pertinent test questions, which were:
1. Did you murder Betty Jeanne?
2. By 2 a.m. last Monday, did you then already know that Betty Jeanne had been murdered?
3. Were you in the Solomon apartment when Betty Jeanne was murdered?
     It is the opinion of the polygraphists, based upon The Arther VI Polygraph Examination of Miss Warmus, that she is telling the truth to the above listed questions.
     On the remaining test question there were some polygraph reactions which would not indicate lying but could be expected from even the most truthful person. This question was, "Do you really know for sure who murdered Betty Jeanne? Answer: No."
     After the last test Richard Arther confronted Miss Warmus with the question, "Carolyn, you are having trouble with at least one of these test questions. Which question is giving you the most trouble?" Miss Warmus brought up this knowledge question. She then stated that the police had indicated to her that Paul Solomon was the murderer and that when this question was asked she would think of him.
     This is typical of a completely truthful person when asked the guilty-knowledge question. Therefore, it is the opinion of the polygraphists that Miss Warmus does not know for sure who is the murderer but that she does have a suspicion that it is Mr. Solomon.  
Respectfully submitted,
Scientific Lie Detection, INC
Richard O. Arther,
Polygraphists: Richard O. Arther, A.C.P., Catherine A. Arther, A.C.P.

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